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Gravity defying hair

Please don’t get tired of me.

it happens every time. People lose interest in me. They get tired of me. Suddenly, they don’t bother hitting me up anymore. The conversations become shorter. They forget about me and I just become a distant memory. I wonder if it’s my fault sometimes. But then I realize that people never stay in my life. And there’s nothing I can do about it.


When I first met Spike I just saw the very nice, quiet and sweet side, but it was the perfect cloak for this total psycho creative fire and lightning expressions that would launch out of him on occasion. There are so many ridiculous experiences I had with Spike in the matter of a few years. You never know what to expect. Total freestyle. I’m pretty sure when Spike’s mind takes off running, it’s a losing race to keep up with it, so you just have to let it run free and the best you can do is defend the destruction… which I found has made him a mastermind at getting out of the strangest situations I’ve ever seen. He showed me that sometimes you have to jump into a hole before you know how to get out. - Mat Hoffman.

17 year old Spike Jonze. Photos by Mat Hoffman.



Steven Glover has officially ruined my life


How recess was made


How recess was made


Some QUALITY anime and manga pictures I have saved, just thought I’d share them with you all.